The specifications and benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting

House lighting takes to about 15 % of the electricity bills. However, you can minimize the bills accounted to lighting by using the best lighting devices. In that case, you can use an energy efficient lighting system to ensure that you limit the rate at which your account for light bills reads. Houses use a combination of standard light and down lighters or spotlight fittings for the daily lighting purposes. You are therefore advised to use the lower electric devices. By using these tools, you are most likely to lower the rate of heat production hence saving the energy responsible for air conditioning to improve thermal comfort. Also, these power saving lighting devices will improve the illumination and glare to increase the brightness and visual.

The top-ranked devices that are energy saving are the Halogen light like Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and the Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs).

Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs

In comparison to the incandescent bulbs, compact Fluorescent bulbs can save 75% of energy and constant 10 times than the initial. These light bulbs produce light without heat, and that becomes the core purpose of energy conservation. When an electric current traces a way through the mercury vapor and produces ultraviolet radiation, the bulb illuminates to give a higher variety of light than the traditional bulbs.

The generated ultraviolet radiation will glow the bulb just as it reacts to the small layer of phosphorus placed inside the glass. However, some limitations make people less friendly to these bulbs. These include the purplish color and the unpleasant noise produced by some of these bulbs. However, improvements and further advancements are under the way.

Light Emitting Diode light bulbs

This is a semiconductor that changes the electric energy to light directly without the emission of heat. The bulbs have 2 layers with a gas inside them, and therefore when they are charged with an electric current, an electronic signal will light the electrodes which will, therefore, convert the chemical gas to a bright ultraviolet light. LEDs are mostly used everywhere in the modern world. They are evident at the traffic light signals, exit and entrance signals, car dashboards, phones and devices, flashlights among others. However, the bulbs are much expensive than the other bulbs but in consideration of their long life and low power consumption makes them ideal for home and organizations use.

Advantages of Energy Efficient Lighting

i. They are long lasting

When you compare the less energy consuming bulbs to the typical incandescent, you find out that these Energy efficient lighting bulbs are much durable to over 10 times.

ii. No production of heat

These energy efficient lighting bulbs are free from heat emission. This is because they do not contain any mercury or any other chemical inside. They only ignite by conversion of electric current to light directly.

iii. They are cost effective

Although some of them tend to cost higher than the others, they are compensated whenever it comes to the calculation of electric bills. Also, since the bulbs are durable, the cost of regular purchase of lighting bulbs is minimized.

iv. They are more efficient and convenient

These bulbs are suited to consume only 2 to 17 watts of electric current and therefore are more suitable for use under any electrical shortages.

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